ITTSAR - Warehouse and Logistics

ITSSAR is a body approved and listed as an accrediting organisation by the Health & Safety Commission (HSC) in the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) for Fork Truck Operator Training.


It has been constructed to cover all sectors of industry which use industrial trucks and it registers and monitors instructors and training organisations meeting its standards.


Practical trainers specialising every day in the industrial truck training industry set ITSSAR standards. The standards are relevant, current, comprehensive and meet national standards.


ITSSAR promotes the high standard of training and operation in industry targeted by the ACoP.


ITSSAR specialises in all types of industrial truck and mobile materials handling equipment, abrasive wheels, Slinger / signaller etc.


ITSSAR is dedicated to help you to improve your training.


LARA - List of Qualifications 2012/2013

00293422 Abrasive Wheels
00293420 Commercial Vehicle Tail Lift
00293393 Group C1 Sideloader up to 5 tonne
00293394 Group C2 Sideloader 5 to 15 tonne
00293395 Group C3 Sideloader over 15 tonne
00293426 Group D1 Rider Electric Reach Truck
00293427 Group D2 Rider Electric Pallet Stacker
00293398 Group E2 Rider Electric Orderpicker up to 2.5M
00293399 Group E3 Rider Electric Orderpicker over 2.5M
00293400 Group F1 VNA Operator Up
00293401 Group F2 VNA Operator Down
00293402 Group G2 Counterbalanced Container Handler
00293396 Group G3 Rider Sideloader
00293403 Group G4 Telescopic Container Handler
00293425 Group H1 Tow Truck inc Flip Up Platform
00293404 Group H2 Tow Truck inc Flip Up Platform
00293405 Group H3 Tow Truck over 30,000Kg Draw Bar Pull
00293406 Group J1 Masted Lift Truck
00293407 Group J2 Articulated up to 9M
00293408 Group J3 Articulated over 9M
00293409 Group J4 Variable Reach 2/4 Wheel up to 9M
00293410 Group J5 High Lift over 9M 2/4 Wheel
00293411 Group J6 Rotating Turret up to 9M
00293412 Group J7 Rotating Turret over 9M
00293413 Group M Multi Directional Lift Truck
00293397 Group M Multidirectional Sideloader
00293414 Group P Pivot Steer Lift Truck
00293415 Group T Transportable Lorry Mounted Lift Truck
00293421 Loading and Lashing of Loads
00293417 Loading Shovel
00293416 Lorry Mounted Loader (Crane)
00293428 Manual Handling
00293419 MEWP
00293392 Powered Pallet Trucks
00293418 Skid Steer
00293424 Slinger Signaller
00293423 Tandem Vibratory Roller