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CPCS Training and Testing – How to obtain your Red and Blue card


Because this is the Plant Competency card which all Major Contractors are now requesting from all Plant operators working on their sites.

Main Hurdles to get to your RED and BLUE CPCS Card.

  • Health and Safety Test.
  • Theory Test.
  • Practical Test.
  • National Vocational Qualification (NVQ)


We have a CSCS test centre at PTP both in our Haverfordwest and Hampshire offices where you are able to sit your touch screen test, the test is 45 minutes long and will consist of 40 multiple choice health and safety questions, we provide revision books which you can hire before you sit your test.

What you need to do to get your RED Card?


You will need us to take you through your basic CPCS training as a novice, place you on a theory test and book you onto the practical test. If you are successful in both elements you will get a RED CPCS card.


As an experienced operator you will need to take and pass both the theory and practical Tests, if you are successful in both elements you will get a RED CPCS card.

What do you need to do to get your BLUE card?

After a period of practical experience we will provide for you the necessary documentation to start on your NVQ.  To complete your NVQ you will need to have passed you CSCS touch screen test within 2 years and be assessed working on the machine at your place of work, once the NVQ has been completed you can then apply for a BLUE CPCS Card. 

Please note that your red card is only valid for 2 years so you must have registered to complete your NVQ assessment within this time.  It is possible for you to apply for an extension of one year after the expiry date so long as you have registered for your NVQ.   

If you do not complete your NVQ within the required time then you will not be able to apply for a blue card without completing the Red card theory test and practical again.


Due to the nature of the questions contained within the theory test it is recommend that all candidates book onto a CPCS Training theory lesson on the morning of your test and practical. The CPCS training will take the student through the various components of the test paper to ensure they have the best opportunity in passing the test.   Test questions can be found at


Your test duration varies from 45minutes to 3½ hrs.

These tests are conducted under strict guidelines set out by CPCS and regular CPCS Monitor visits are made to CPCS test centres to ensure they are complying with the rules.


In order for you to move from a trained operator (RED CARD) through to a competent operator (BLUE CARD) you will need to provide evidence of your practical abilities and working knowledge of the industry you are in. Your practical abilities should be relatively easy to assess and the assessor could complete in 1 visit, but you will be required to provide additional tangible evidence in your knowledge of site procedures, security, company procedures etc.

Blue Card Renewal

Blue cards are valid for 5 years.  For those operatives who are applying to renew their Blue CPCS Card they will need to complete a blue card renewal form which is to be signed by a validator on your site PLUS from all CPCS Blue Card Holders that expire from 1st Octob er 2013 - additional tests.

From October, 2013 the renewal test will be delivered at a HS&E CSCS Test Centre, like ourselves as an approoved ITC Centre with Construction Skills.

The renewal test checks key safety knowledge relating t the categories of plant within CPCS.  A set of 15 randomly selected multiple-choice questions, known as a module, will be available for each category of planty, or for a group of similar categories.  Cardholders will need to pass each module in order to retain each category when renewing their Competence Card (Blue) Card. 

The renewal test is classed as a single booking from which up to five modules can be taken.  If a cardholder wishes to renew moew than five categories, they will need to book additional tests.  However, booking cioncessions apply, in that when a number of similar categories are held on a Card, only one module within the test may need to be taken.

Revision materials - Fact Sheets are available free-of-charge and can be viewed and downloaded from  It is adviseable to revise and familiarise yourself with the subject areas for categories of plant that you require.